Interview with Kemetic Reconstructionist Priest Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

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The Autumn issue of Isis-Seshat, the quarterly issued official journal of the worldwide Fellowship of Isis (or FOI; furthermore, I serve as Isis-Seshat’s Executive Editor), featured the bulk of my lengthy interview with one of Kemetic Reconstructionism’s most ardent and articulate champions, Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa. He is the co-founder of Hwt-Ka-Ptah/ Temple of Ptah Nevada, a Kemetic Reconstructionist temple dedicated to the celebration and restoration of authentic ancient Egyptian spirituality. He is also High Priest of Per-Auset/Temple of Auset Nevada, a nonprofit educational religious organization representing the Egyptian tradition of the Goddess Auset/Isis. Ptahmassu was legally ordained as a Priest of the Goddess Auset in 2002 by the Rt. Rev. Lady Loreon Vigné, Archpriestess of the Temple of Isis in Geyserville, California–a state and federally recognized church founded to honor the Divine Feminine as embodied in the Egyptian Goddess Isis. In 2004, he was ordained by FOI co-founder Lady Olivia Robertson as…

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“Religious to Excess”: The Ancient Egyptian Worldview of Polytheism and Piety

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“They [the Egyptians] are religious to excess, beyond any nation in the world.”                                           –Herodotus, Histories, Vol. II (Euterpe): An Account of Egypt

The View from Postmodernity

What is it about ancient Egypt that captures our hearts and fascinates us through the millennia?

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The oldest brew in the world, made after a song for the ancient Sumerian beer goddess

Ancient Afrikan Beer and Goddesses.. Umqombothi.. and many other names we know our traditional Beer..

Lords of the Drinks

An old Mesopotamian clay tablet shows people drinking beer through straws. An old Mesopotamian clay tablet shows people drinking beer through straws.

Beer has been around for ages, more than 5.000 years actually. But the stuff our ancient ancestors drank was quite a different brew than the large variety of beers we know today. In 2013 the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland (USA) joined forces with archaeologists from the nearby University of Chicago to brew a beer in the way people did 5.000 years ago in Mesopotamia. As a recipe they used a song the Sumerians made for their beer goddess: the Hymn to Ninkasi. This brew never hit the market but there are some modern versions available. Or you can just make your own Sumerian beer.

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Mbaba Mwana Waresa, the Goddess who gave Zulus beer to feel closer to the Gods

Mbaba Mwana Waresa.. The South African Goddess of the Rain..

Lords of the Drinks

Beer brewing has traditionally always been a woman's job at the Zulus ever since the Goddess Mbaba Mwana Waresa introduced this craft to humans. Beer brewing has traditionally always been a woman’s job at the Zulus ever since the Goddess Mbaba Mwana Waresa introduced this craft to humans.

Most people can probably tell you who Dionysus or Bacchus is, since ancient Greek and Roman mythology are quite well spread in the Western World. But have you ever heard of an African colleague of these Wine Gods called Mbaba Mwana Waresa? Well, the Zulus believe that this Goddess created beer and taught people how to brew it themselves. That’s right fellows, according to the legend this worldwide symbol for masculinity was a female invention.

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Ancient Egypt 39,000 B.C.E. (Reanalyzing Humanity’s History) Part 1

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Ancient Egypt 39,000 BCE Blog/Book Review

The modern assumption is that the Egyptians of the 2nd millennium BCE had the skill level to move large quantities of stone, some over a ton, up to 500 miles away to construct the temples and pyramids. No other civilization has been known to reproduce this and even today with modern technology it would be extremely difficult and very expensive. But we are to believe that a civilization just a few hundred years from the Stone Age was able to accomplish this with copper chisels and stone hammers.

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Cosmic Africa: Africans and Astronomy

African Heritage

Cosmic Africa Cosmic Africa

Dear all,

As a physicist, I could not pass on the opportunity to talk about the fellow South African astrophysicist Thebe Medupe ‘s work on Cosmic Africa. Cosmic Africa is a project/documentary about astronomy in African cultures, exploring astronomy among two of the oldest African tribes: the Namib (or Bushmen or San) of Namibia, and the Dogon people of Mali.  I heard this documentary one evening on PRI.  It felt so great hearing an elder from the Dogon tribe talking about their use of the moon, stars, etc, for their harvest.  People still study the sky and the stars to guide them during the hunting season; astronomy is an integral part of their daily lives, dances, and ceremonies.  This knowledge of the sky was passed on from generation to generations for the past 500 years.

Thebe Medupe Thebe Medupe

The Dogon people knew certain celestial bodies…

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You Don’t Have to Push It, If It’s Maa (Truth)!

LandofKam's Blog

Hetepu (Peace and Blessings) Family.

Ok. I have had some trolls really trying to tell me about their thing.  I mean, when I tell them I follow my maa (personal truth and what works for me). They flip out and can’t respect it.  They want to tell me that their stuff is the “truth” and how everyone is going to hell. So, I want to share a little bit about what Maa means to me.

Maat (the Personification of Maa) Maat (the Personification of Maa)

I know I do not need to tell you this but I am going to say it anyway. I love you all and I don’t care what you are in so long as it is helping you and not harming anyone. I have to say this because some people think that just because you don’t’ subscribe to Christianity or Islam that you hate Christians, Muslims, etc. And, that is farthest…

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