Mama … Heal my Goddess..

My Beloved.. I’m reminded by a Mother whom I met, who came to my Home with three innocent children, the little one was just a month old. She was asking for just a slice of Bread and Water, for her and the two older babies..

I remember asking her, what was her name and where she was from, with tears in my eyes.. I called one of my Daughter, to empty the freezer, and vegetables tray that was rarely used. I thought of her Womb and the New baby. I ran to my room for a towel to wrap her around and a blanket to keep her and baby warm.

God knows, I didn’t know what to do.. I managed to come to my senses and requested that, they be given food to eat. I didn’t care what will happen to us.

At that moment, I saw myself in Her Eyes.. sometime ago, I was in the same position. You see, My Dearest.. it was me with my Babies standing there, on that was as if I was dreaming only to realise, it was a Dejavu..

Each of us is a child of a Mother and a Father; whether they are living, deceased, good, bad, indifferent, present, or absent. We have chosen to come on Earth, through them.
I know some of you are thinking, “no Gogo, my Mother NEVER did anything for me….” Can I say, you are wrong? She gave you life, hence you can read this message today Dear..

My Mother left us (me and my two brothers) at My Father’s Place. She was only 18yrs, with three kids.. She lived in my heart and kept me going. Her story was and still my Strength. I love Her beyond the Grave.. she is no more.. I care for Her..

Your Mother made one right decision in Her life and you are the living proof of that decision. If you have never thanked the Most High and Ancestors for your Mother, I pray before this day ends you will honor Her in this way and continue to do so every day for the rest of your life. Talk about her, for this how we heal and Healing them too. I only wish the best for her.

If you are a Father reading this, then there is a Mother of your children. Take a moment at ask yourself a Question, have I done enough to put a Smile in this Woman? Whether divorced, married or unmarried, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister or Girlfriend.

Honor the Woman who is the Mother of your Children, it is through Her, the Most High and Ancestors has Blessed you and the world.

Wish Her well sincerely..

GoddessGonondo ka Bhele with Love 💝❤

Priests in Ancient Egypt/ Kemet…

Priests (men and women) played an important role in Ancient Egypt. The Priesthood was responsible for ensuring the earth and heavens remained as the Gods created them. Priests accomplished this through a series of rituals they performed each day in the temple. Members of the Priesthood performed these ceremonies in the name of the King.

Many people served as part-time Priests in their local temples and were rewarded for their service with a share of the food and drink offered to the Gods. The king may have been involved in the naming of some high-ranking Priests, especially to politically powerful positions. Many priestly positions were passed down from father to son or daughter.
Priests in ancient Egypt were very different from our modern Priests. They were solely focused on specific temple tasks and did not serve as spiritual advisers. Some Egyptians were considered Priests simply because they had undergone Training in Rites that enabled them to perform certain technical tasks in the temples.

The structure of the Priesthood became larger as temples grew in size and rituals became more complex. As the Priesthood grew, it became more divided by rank, and the roles of individual Priests became more specialized. Often, positions were held by up to four individuals, each of whom served for one month and then
returned to their secular lives until it was their turn to serve as a Priest again. Many Priests only worked in the temple for three months a year.

As temples became more and more powerful, the Priests began to take a more active role in the appointment process. The Positions in the priesthood were valued because of the wealth and power associated with them.
There was a period of Apprenticeship for new Priests, followed by Purification and Initiation Rituals. They were required to bathe and shave and to abstain from certain things in order to be in the priesthood. Priests were only required to follow these regulations during the period of the year they were serving in the temple.

The most powerful Priests in a temple complex were attache to the cult of the God. These Priests served the deity’s physical needs, like food and dress. They often held powerful non-religious positions as well.

In large temples, a hierarchy sometimes developed among the Priests. Many of the upper level Priests came up through the ranks,
but sometimes they were appointed by the king as a means of keeping a check on priestly political power. For instance, during the Third Intermediate Period, the High Priest of Amun in Thebes was often one of the king’s sons.
Other Priests had technical roles in temple, such as caring for clothing on the Gods ’ statues and other cult objects. Some were responsible for reading the ritual texts aloud on a daily basis. They were masters of hieroglyphs (Holy Writing) other forms of Egyptian writing.

They worked in the temple library and cared for books on medicine herbs, magic, and theology.
Another set of Priests focused on astronomy. They were in charge of determining when each religious act would occur. They wrote horoscopes and calendars of lucky and unlucky days, which were very popular among the Egyptian people.

Priests were not the only participants in temple rituals. Singers, musicians and dancers all played a role. Music and dancing were intended to ward off evil and bad luck. Members of this group of
Priests were frequently Women Priests. Women had held high positions in the Priesthood since the Old Kingdom, (2686 – 2160 B.C.), their
roles had become more specialized and limited over time. The lowest ranking Priests were those who carried out the everyday tasks necessary for maintaining the temple. Butchers, porters, and doorkeepers were all considered Priests and were needed to keep the temple running each day. This group seemed to have the most limited access to the inner parts of the temple. No matter their level, all temple Priests were involved in an important ceremony performed every morning before dawn: the ritual re-enactment of the Creation of the Cosmos.

The ceremony began with a ritual called “Lighting the Fire.” This ritual was held in the most sacred room of the temple and was performed by the high ranking members of the Priesthood in the name of the king. It was a reenactment of the first appearance, and daily reappearance, of the Sun’s Fire, which was thought to repel forces hostile to the Sun God.
Next, they performed a ritual known as “Drawing the Bolt.” During this rite, the Priests opened the door to the Shrine where the main cult statue stood. The statue’s clothing was removed, and underwent Ritual Purification, Dressing, and Feeding. The lower ranking Priests were responsible for preparing the ceremony and
disposing of the food and water.

Simpler ceremonies were held throughout the day. At midday, the ceremony involved a Ritual Purification by Water and Incense and
focused on the lesser Gods and deified Kings and Queens. During the evening, a ceremony similar to the morning ceremony was held.
The temple rituals were only open to Priests. Throughout the year, common people attended festivals where the image of the temple God was removed from the temple and taken to visit with
the God of other temples. During these parades, people could directly address the God with questions, complaints, or requests….

By: Mpemba Institute of Afrikan Traditional Healing and Spirituality..


Black Liberation Love of N Unity


I offer light and pour libation with respect and honor for all my ancestors whose names I know (say all the names that you know) and all the ones I don’t know to uplift and liberate their soul(s) in the name and light of the Almighty God.  For it is through the love, the will, and the power of God that all souls are saved.

I offer prayer and protection by way of the Divine Creator for those ancestral souls and spirits that are in darkness, forgotten, or lost.  Let the light I offer fade out the shadows of fear and guide them toward the arms of God and to a higher cause.

I offer guidance to my ancestors and spirits by way of the Guardian Angels and Protective Spirits who by the power and order of God will assist them in their greater act of evolution.  Let the light…

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Mama Sheila Mbele-Khama

Tebogo Mahautsane

The year 2014 if I am not mistaken marks the turning point of my life in a very subtle manner. I am not sure about the exact year but it   has been well over three years. It was in this year (2017) that I was blessed beyond my imagination even though it was not that obvious at the time.

I had been going around like any other person on this earth maybe soul searching if I may so put it. If I were to say this I would be thumb sucking so I saw it best to put it on black and white. I remember arriving at the studio on what seemed like a normal day and daily routine. I walked in and saw you and abonyankwabe for the first time but I never really anticipated anything.

I had heard one of your songs before and the name Gogo Sheila from the East rand and that is all I knew. Uyabuy’umoya reminds me of this day every time I hear it as it was the very first song we worked on together little did I know that there would be other songs. Anyway, enough about that. Let me try to get to the point.

I would like to fast forward to the day of the induction when I saw you again after a long time and to the day I came in Ephehlweni. I was so clueless about a lot of things because I had been caught up in my own things and dealing with whatever it is that I was dealing with. I remember being in a state where I couldn’t make a final decision concerning iphehlo because I had concluded that I’m not pursuing the calling. I remember how I handed over the ropes to you and mom to make the decision for me and tell me what to do. Oh how messed up was I!

The 6th of November 2016 came and you opened up your home for me to find healing. For me it was just about answering to the call of the ancestors just to ensure that my loved ones are alright and happy but never expected things to turn out the way they did. I never expected to be mothered by my Gobela but that’s what ended up happening. Not only did you accept me as ithwasa but you also took me in as your own child. You took it upon yourself to take care of me and my needs.  You literally stepped up to the plate and took responsibility of my life.

I never thought being ephehlweni would be so lonely amongst many other things that it could possibly be but you ensured that for all this time I don’t long for a mother’s love. You have done so much for me and also became a friend. You didn’t have to, but you did. I get overwhelmed just thinking about it. You made sure that I never go hungry. You made sure that I am warm and have all the essentials that a girl needs.

I remember when you said you didn’t understand why we had to be initiated at the same time as twins. And you said “I am going through pain with you guys”. At the time it had not crossed my mind what this pain was but today I know. You said you have always wanted to have twins of your own but never got them. Maybe we are the twins that you’ve always wanted. When I look back at how far we have come I get goose bumps all over my body because it is too good to be true, this love, this thing we have going. So ideal.

I remember that one particular night I got sick. I was in so much pain and was scared to death but when I came to you it was almost as if you had been my mother forever. You kept so calm and held me and no matter how scary the situation was, you never even for a minute showed me that you were scared as well. You sat by me until you were sure that I was calm and I think you uttered something like “it’s ok, I am your Mother”.

To this day you have never ceased to be a Mother.

I remember when you said you want to see me at my best and at my worst and I truly feel like of recent you have been seeing me at my worst. I want you to know that I see what you don’t want me to see. I see how much you are fighting for my life. I see how you are fighting to keep me alive and I see how that impacts on your health.

Because you care too much. Motsogapele o buile are mmangwana o tshwara thipa ka fa bogaleng. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for you having to deal with a self-hurter every day of your life when you never had to live like that before. I cannot begin to imagine what hell it must be to live with a person who is a danger to themselves. People have addictions but I’m not sure that you have dealt with one that is addicted to inflicting pain to themselves.

You are really not obliged to put up with this kind of bull sh** but you still do and even in the midst of it all, you still choose to see the best in me. I don’t know how many times I keep saying that I don’t want this and how many times I have said I want to go home but you keep on keeping on. I remember the first time I said that, oh what hell you gave me! You are the one person that can tell when I have done……. you know. You are the one person that can reach through to my spirit and pick up where I am it is just so twisted how your mind works. I think you are one crazy person you sweet thing!

You challenge me every day to be the best I can be and even though I haven’t reached my full potential, I am good with you by my side. I have given up on myself but you never left me. Lately I feel the distance between us and know that things will never be the same and it breaks me every day but I appreciate your presence in my life. It is said that God will never take you into the wilderness to leave nor forsake you. In the midst of my wilderness He made sure that you cross my path. After everything that you have been through in your life, you still smile and laugh even when you are sick.

Through all the trauma and stigma you still carry on teaching and giving selflessly. When I think of the relationship that we have built I get really emotional and girl… you give me butterflies in my stomach. You have done such a great job. I will forever cherish you and carry you in my heart even when I am gone. I would have wanted to say this to you personally but as you know, words fail me. Even though sometimes I’m just a selfish bustard and seem so passive because I avoid expressing myself or because I don’t really know how to, I spend most of my days running from you or hiding from you because you will want to search my soul and that is how much you care. Even when you put on a facade that intimidates me, I still love you.

You have done so much for me and I want you to know that all your sleepless nights do not go unnoticed and there is no way I cannot take notice of your efforts and how you always go the extra mile. I see you mama. I see you and all that you are trying not to show. I feel you and I feel your pain. Your joy and your happiness are my comfort. I love seeing you give that particular smile and then you say “seriously”. That makes you look like a little baby with so much innocence. Let me let you in on a little secret. You melt my heart when you do that but sshhhhh…don’t tell anyone. Indeed we have gone through pain together and we still are.

Never mind uGobela but just allow me the honour to talk to the mother. Mama thank you for accepting me into your home and taking me as your own. Words cannot even begin to describe the humility I feel. I am deeply humbled. Oh and thanks a lot for allowing me to put on my earrings. They make me look so cute even gogo Lephahama says I look like a cute little naughty boy with my hairstyle. And oh just by the way I’m still eagerly waiting to get that nose ring so please pretty please prompt ubaba Gugu to speed up the process I am dying of anticipation. Help a girl out will ya!

But seriously mama I just want to make an emphasis on the love I have for you. I came here and realised that I had been on a treasure hunt for 8yrs and I found you. My treasure. Just the other day we were arguing about that song “I found love when I found you” and I said it was true. I relate to that part of the song because it is so very true in every sense. You are not getting me. Hold up… I feel like you are not feeling me.

Mama I am saying that I love you, do you get that? You loved me even when I didn’t love myself, you still do even to date. I feel that words alone do not do justice to the love I have for you. I love you more than love herself, if it’s a she. I love you to the moon and back, from the top of my head to the soles of my feet and to the depth of my soul, I love you. I love you so much it hurts literally. If you didn’t know now you know. I love you so much I would put my head on the block for you anytime if push comes to shove! My life is not worth living without you here as a mother. If you didn’t know, now you know!

I feel like writing so much because I don’t know what to with myself. The thought of my love for you makes me quiver. It would be wrong for me not to let you know while I still have today because tomorrow is not guaranteed. I will forever cherish the memories we have made as we embarked on this remarkable journey. I will forever hold you close to my heart even when I am gone! Glory be to you my Lolo. Praise be to you, her royal highness! I worship the ground on which you walk my Precious Pearl. I don’t have much. I don’t have silver and gold but I do have mad love for you and I will love you till forever comes.



Her Majesty! Goddess Gonondo ka Sompisi

Mother of the nation!

Mme oa sechaba!

Mosadi oa mmankgonthe!

Mosadi hara basadi!

Kakapa ea mosadi!










Candle Colours

sheila mbele-khama

A candle is a self-contained healing system,  it represents the Fire element. It contains basic elements of healing:

  1. Earth is represented by the unburned wax of the candle,
  2. Air is the smoke,
  3. Fire the flame and
  4. Water the melted wax. Thus is created Spirit.

There is debate over whether you should blow or pinch out candles that you do not wish to burn completely away. The act of blowing out a candle is itself a healing release of power, for, rather than holding the light in a snuffer, you can send it towards all who need it. This is an excellent way of releasing and directing power at the end of a rite.

Practitioners of Faith healing say that you should never use a candle that has been lit for another ritual or purpose and should not use these afterwards for household purposes.Candles for harmony and healing purposes may be…

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MJ Bhengu's Intellectual Space


Mfuniselwa J. Bhengu


This paper seeks to trace the origin, nature and content ofBonaabakhulubaseKhemBrotherhoodand howMankanyezi, an African sage, who was an initiateofthis organization, was trained in African wisdom. Again thepaper will try to establish the connection between this organization and ancient Zulus


In this great continent over which the sphinx still gazes, guarding the eternal mystery of life, may the flame within the hearts of its varied peoples be lit, so that once again from African soil may resound the old message ‘Thou art the light, let that light shine.’” (Harvest).

The story of the human race in Africa dates back to more than 50 000 years before the mythical creation of Adam in 4 240 BC.This story was written by LordKhem(or Ham) popularly known asThauThau-Harama

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The Original Trinity, Brought to You By Egypt

Metal Gaia


Today, when we think of “The Holy Trinity,” we instantly think of “The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit” as found in Catholicism. Yet it is possible that this trinity influenced by another that came a thousand years before. We’re talking about the Egyptian trinity of The Father Osiris, The Mother Isis and The Son Horus. In this blog, I will not say that the Osiris/Isis cult is the same thing as Christianity, but it is very probable that a lot of the ideas from this early trinity later had an influence on the development of Christian ideas.


I will give you a very brief summary of the Osiris/Isis/Horus myth so that you will understand what is going on in the rest of this article. Osiris was the first son of the Gods. He married his sister Isis and the two became…

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The 42 Laws of Ma’at (Egyptian Virtues)

Metal Gaia


(Image Taken From Maat Shrine)

Ma’at is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of truth, balance and order. She is most often depicted as a woman with wings or a single white ostrich feather. When the deceased go to the afterlife, the Egyptians believed that their hearts would be weighed against this feather.

If the individual lived a good life, following the rules of ma’at, their heart would be lighter than a feather and they would get to go to the afterlife. However, if that individual did not follow the rules of ma’at, they would have a heavy heart – weighed down by the guilt of their transgressions. As a result, their heart would be devoured by Ammut and the soul would be destroyed.

The laws of Ma’at are called the 42 Negative confessions and they were revealed in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, or the Papyrus of Ani –…

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