Gonondo sheila mbele-khama

Bio: I am a trained African High Priestess Shaman or Healer (Sangoma) and practising for more than 16 years. I works as Commissioner on issues of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Rights of Communities. I have years of experience working in the field of African Traditional Medicine and herbs, African Spirituality, African Culture and Practises. I lecture on holistic herbalism approach. I am doing television and radio talks on African Traditions, Customs and Cultural issues. I conduct African Traditional Health initiations (Ukuthwasisa) as a Rite of Passage, also a member of the South African AIDS Council. I have been nominated amongst the Top 100 Women of South Africa in 2010 by the Mail and Guardian Magazine.

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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. hi Gogo I’m asking if your able to talk to someone or like giving advise to someone about personal issues over the phone or even face to face,because I once heard you speaking on the radio so I thought maybe you could help me with some advice

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      1. Thank you My Elder.. I have been a Practising Sangoma for 17 yrs now. I was Pre-initiated at 12, and that was to enable me to wait until ready.. I come from a Home of Sangomas, and through the years, assisted my Grannies. I was later formally initiated in Afrikan Faith Healing, Indigenous Healing (African Traditional Healing and Medicine) and Practices… I would safely say I have been in the field for almost 40 yrs now… I regard myself as a Student of Nature still….


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