Metu Neter II – The Story of Ausar

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Ausar - Orion 2[From Assatashakur Forum]

P.E.A.C.E and Blessings…

…the following is the Kamitic Story of Ausar as told and explained by (SUS) Ra Un Nefer Amen in his Metu Neter Volume II…

When Ausar became King of Kamit, the men he came to rule were in a savage state. They were nomadic tribes in constant warfare against each other. They were wholly given over to evil and sinful behavior.

This is symbolic of the state of the lower part of the being when not guided by the indwelling divinity because it is restricted to the subconscious life of the person. Individuals and nations are doomed to evil experiences.

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Metu Neter – Five Principles

The Seven Worlds

KemetPeace: “The ultimate Why behind all actions.  The emotional /pleasure factor in life.” (Amen, Metu Neter, Volume 1, p. 96)

  • Peace is governed by Amen ( 0) which sits above the Paut Neteru (Tree of Life) and corresponds to our learned ability to control our feelings; see the discussion of an Ausar for a description of the kind of person who can obtain Pece at this level.  This kind of Peace is everlasting and does not depend on having or not having any thing.
  • Peace is also governed by Geb which is the last branch of the Paut Neteru (Tree of Life).  This kind of Peace is obtained through the gratification of the senses–an exhilirating workout, a great meal, satisfying sexual relations, etc.  This

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More Ma’at

The Seven Worlds

MaatSee part 1: METU NETER – 4. Law of Ma’at

METU NETER/Metaphysics

Maat, the 4th sphere of the Tree of Life manifest in Man’s spirit as the universally felt need for order (law).

To the spiritually immature, law or order is put in place through rules backed by coercive forces for the purpose of achieving social peace and harmony. It is unfortunate that almost 6000 years of recorded history has not dispelled this fallacy. It must be understood that rules constituting Man’s laws – and supposedly God’s law as well – are based on the belief that the human (kind of man, inferior or sahu man) represents the totality

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Metu Neter – 4. Law of Ma’at

The Seven Worlds

Ma'at - Egyptian DreamsLaw of Ma’at

God needs you in order to come into the world. Fulfilling God’s need is the highest act of love, and only through your love for God can you fulfill your love for others. Become the Love of God in the world for the protection of the world.

If we have access to a peace that cannot be disturbed by anything in the world—our nature—if we are one with all, if we have access to spiritual power, why then can

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Kemet, Zulu, Yoruba

The Seven Worlds

Eyes of RaAfrican Cosmology
By Grisso

As it was in the beginning,
So shall it be in the end.


In a previous article, The Ancient Wisdom in Africa, we saw that there exists a learned society which the Zulus call the Bonaabakulu Abasekhemu, whose members come from among all the many peoples of Africa, and whose origins may be traced to a priest of Isis during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu, the 3rd dynasty (3900 BCE) builder of the Great Pyramid. In this article, I try to address in a brief space the core concepts of the Kamitic cosmology, and show correspondences to the teachings of the Bonaabakulu Abasekhemu, and moreover to the Yoruba religion.

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KMT Tree of Life

The Seven Worlds

KMT Tree of LifeThe Kemetic Tree of Life represents a pattern of spiritual cultivation which enables one to envision and manifest the different faculties of the indwelling divinity and become a vehicle to allow God’s manifestation on earth.

0- Amen- This is not a faculty it is THE undifferentiated peace that is our true self. This is why it is not on the tree of life but far above it. Every religion in the world after their prayer incantates in some form the name of Amen. Who is the God of gods. We must eventually reconnect with Amen by using the Tree of Life to cultivate our spirit, through existence and lifetimes of unrelenting pursuit.

1- The 1st faculty on the Tree of Life represents Ausar, or the omnipresent faculty.

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