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A weekly check-up of gender, medicine, and history in the news Roots and the 1970s. The disorientation of illness. A history of dissecting the living. Nigerian history in comic books. The ugly history of cosmetic surgery. The unsettling art of death photography. The real mad tea parties of the Victorians. The 1930s health campaign against STDs.…

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Yoruba Days of The Week and The Ruling Orisa (Orisha)

Lukumi People

As well as the forces of nature, organs of the body, and behavior. The Orisha also govern the days of the week. Below are the days of the week along with the ruling Orisha. Now mind you this is the Ifa branch of “The Religion”, whereas the Afro Cuban (or Lukumi) branch (my branch), is slightly different, and will be noted with an *.

Taken from the book, “Way of The Orisa” by Phillip J. Neimark. New York: Harper/Collins, copyright 1993.

Monday (Ojo Aje)
Day for Financial Success. Monday belongs to Yemonja/Olukun. A good day to initiate new business ventures. The best day to perform rituals for prosperity or financial success.

* In the Afro Cuban branch, Monday belongs to Eleggua (Eshu-Elegba)

Tuesday (Ojo Isegun)
Day of Victory. Tuesday belongs to Ogun. Rituals for overcoming enemies or conflicts are best performed on this day. Also beneficial for business and financial…

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