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Researched and Written
Mfuniselwa Bhengu

The paper seeks to trace and prove that Abantu/AbeNguni/AmaZulu originated from ancient Egypt, and that they migrated with all their wares to, firstly, Eastern Africa and then to Southern Africa, and that their culture, epistemology, ontology and languages are of ancient Egyptian origin, and that during their process of exodus very few changes on these took place.

However, secondly, ancient Egypt’s African affinity is important to recognize in part because it (along with the other native African civilizations of course) helps refute the white supremacist contention that Africans cannot construct civilization without European help, as Mandela has explained in his autobiography. It facilitates the combating of anti-Black racism, and simultaneously promotes African renaissance project. Therefore, we must not misrepresent it as a non-African.

Thirdly, but more principally, the paper argues that Abantu/AbeNguni/AmaZulu originated from the Great Lakes region of Africa and migrated to ancient…

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