The Land the Sumerians called the ABZU (South Africa)– the land of the FIRST people in southern Africa – where the Gold came from….

The Land of Queen Sheba……

The Mysteries of South Africa and Afrika…. My visit to the Ancient Temple of Afrikan/Egyptian Spirituality.. in Mpumalanga, Ancient History lay Hidden from Afrikan Spirituality Practitioners and Communities..

An Egyptian Ankh carved into a glacier slab at Dreikopsei land, in South Africa (Inzalo Yelanga.. The Birth of the Sun God — on the 25 December the Birth of the Holy Sun was Celebrated and still is celebrated in South Africa by many Afrikans and Indigenous Healers and Spiritualist). Long before there was any Religion..

This petroglyph is worth a thousand words since the Ankh is inside a radiating circle; suggesting that the Lord of Light has the key to eternal life. It also suggests that the secret lies in the frequency of light or is linked to some kind of vibrational energy that combines sound and light. This knowledge would be consistent
with the circular ruins of southern Africa that were used to generate energy by using sound and possibly also light. This understanding
of the flow of energy in sound and light was rediscovered by Keely, Tesla and Rife in the late 20th century..

These tablets are the oldest written record of human history and the constant reference to southern Africa in these tablets, leaves little doubt that there was a lot of activity here, long before Sumer or Egypt were established. It is now very clear that the first civilisation emerged many thousand of years ago in a land the Sumerians called the ABZU – the land of the FIRST people in southern Africa – where the gold came from.

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