Muthi (Energetic Plant Medicine)

Africa Mystic

Thokoza all. Greetings !

When I started this blog I promised to post a bit more about imiti / umuthi / muthi / energetic plant medicine. To use muthi properly you need to get instructions from a traditional healer who knows the plants well and how to use it properly. You also need to understand that the plant is not only chemical compounds, but also has energy and spirit. They physical and energetic properties work on different levels.

Many people experiment with muthi and either have no results or negative results. They get muthi from websites or people who sell it without knowing its proper preparation or applications. For some muthi’s, there are  cleansing rituals one must perform before using the muthi. Muthi must be harvested and prepared correctly and also blessed and prescribed correctly. The same plant that occurs in different regions may also not be used for the same…

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