Dreaming and Dreaming Medicines: (African Herbal Medicine).

Africa Mystic

  Dreaming and Dreaming medicines: (African Herbal Medicine) 

This post is prompted by a strange dream I had last night. I had a restless night and battled to fall asleep, so at about 2 am I took some Valerian Root tablets and it seemed to do the trick, but this plant also has the reputation to bring you “interesting” dreams. Dreaming is seen as a very important part of ones training as  a Sangoma, as often the ancestor spirits will visit you in your dreams bringing you messages and information or teachings on how to do things. They can also bring you warnings and help.

In the dream I had last night, I was wearing a traditional robe and was visited by a black man – who spoke to me in my native language – which is unusual.  He asked me a very interesting question – the answer to which I…

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