The Part of History that Will Never Be Taught……Part 2

Luis T.

In the first part we talk about all the ancient structures found in South Africa that predate what religion and main stream science have told us for centuries. Now What was  this activities all about? It is all about Gold. You cannot separate human history from gold. And it is not human obsession with gold; it is the gods obsession with gold. In Genesis 2 it gives us that very specific clue. Adam is alone on earth, there is no Eve, she has not yet been fashioned from his rib, god comes to him and says there is a place called Havilah, where the land is good, there is water and by the way buddy, there is gold. I want you to go there and dig it for me. Why Adam needed it gold? He was along..Why god specifically mention gold and other metals as soon as he…

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