Kwanzaa Celebration 2016

sheila mbele-khama

Gonondo Sheila Mbele:

Invite Enlightened Afrikans Indigenous Healers and Philosophers. 

Thokozani Bantu Bomdabu: Bogogo NaboMkhulu (Mathongo e-Afrika) Come And Celebrate Kwaanzaa With Afrikan Indigenous Spiritual Healers. 

Kwanza Is Marked From: 26 December to 01 January 2016… Please Bring Your Own Meal to share, Presents and Candles.  During Kwanzaa All Indigenous Healers and Philosophers Are Requested To Wear White.
The seven days of Kwanzaa bring new meaning and principles of the Nguzo Saba. A new candle is lighted each day to represent one of these doctrines of Kwanzaa.


  1. December 26 – Gonondo Sheila Mbele- the host will light the candle and make a statement about the first principle – Unity and Hope to Heal Afrika
  2. December 27 – This principle represents Self- Determination.
  3. December 28 – This principle represents Collective Work and Responsibility:(Sharing of PEACE PIPE)
  4. December 29 – This principle represents Collective Economics.
  5. December 30…

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