The Impact of European Colonization on Sub-Saharan Africa and its People

Learning Team 3


Imperialism is the influence over an area by a foreign power, often involving some form of dominance. Imperialism was imposed by the Europeans as they colonized Sub-Saharan Africa. For hundreds of years the Europeans traded gold and salt with huge trading empires that had developed in Africa. For hundreds of years they continued trading but in the late 1800s Europeans began to colonize Africa. They saw their colonies as a direct source to the goods they had been trading for decades and as a way to grow their empires.

By 1914 all of the Sahel had been colonized by the Europeans, they set boundaries that divided ethnic groups creating conflict between different groups which only made the European rule, stronger. The European colonization diminished African culture sufficiently but some Africans still benefited from the education the Europeans brought with them. Soon some educated Africans demanded a role in government and…

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