Twin Flames, Love and Sacred Sexual Union

Judith Kusel


Your soul is pure energy, and in its greater whole, is made up of 12 equal flames or energy shards, and thus vibrates then at that frequency.  In your soul body, you are pure energy and vibrate at your soul frequency and vibration, which then is in tune with your soul blueprint.

At this moment in time we are given a window opportunity to raise our own frequencies and vibrations, to become more in tune with the cosmic pulse.  Essentially this means, that frequency and vibration on which you’re whole SOUL GROUP vibrates cosmically and thus the higher dimensional states of Being.  Your soul group then belongs to a greater CLUSTER of soul groups, and these then form their own energy pool for a certain life expression, which they in turn, reflect back to the Divine Source.

There is lot hype, as said before, around Twin flames and re-union, and…

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