Introduction to Goddess-Inspired Astrology

Goddess Inspired

The night sky is fascinating and awe-inspiring – the black dome with its thousands of sparkly stars seemingly spinning around us in a neverending cycle; the silvery forever transforming Moon transitioning from birth to growth to decay to death to eventual rebirth into all eternity.

All throughout humanity’s existence people have gazed up at the night sky, spotting patterns and telling stories about the many shapes or constellations. Some of the most prominent and brightest bodies in the sky are, of course, the Sun, the Moon and some of the planets in our solar system. The ancient astronomers soon noticed that these larger and brighter bodies travelled along an invisible line (the ecliptic) through 12 different shapes/constellations during their neverending journey around the Earth, which was for a very long time considered to be the centre of the universe.

To the Ancients the stars, the Moon and the Sun truly…

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