The Path of an Initiate…

The knowledge and proficiency conferred by initiation cannot be obtained in any other manner, except in some far distant future, after many incarnations, by quite different means and in quite a different form. The initiate undergoes experiences which would otherwise come to him/her much later, under quite different circumstances.
The secrets of existence are only accessible to an extent corresponding to man’s own degree of maturity. For this reason alone the path to the higher stages of knowledge and power is beset with obstacles. A firearm should not be used until sufficient experience has been gained to avoid disaster, caused by its use.

A person initiated today without further ado would lack the experience which he will gain during his future incarnations before he/she can attain to higher knowledge in the normal course of his development. At the portal of initiation, therefore, this experience must be supplied in some other way. Thus the first instructions given to the candidate for
initiation serve as a substitute for these future experiences. These are the so-called trials, which he/she has to undergo, and which constitute a normal course of inner development resulting from due application to prescribe exercises….

“After more than 17yrs of my Initiation, I am still at School and willing to Learn as an Initiate of The Ancient Afrikan Indigenous Healing and Spirituality…”


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