The Journey of the Healer….

Indigenous Afrikan Healers by choice of Spirits. As a rule these are the people that in their pubescence age were laid by the so-called Shamanic illness — they were subjected to visions and hallucinations, their bearing was becoming queer and chaotic, they sometimes had seizures close to epileptic ones. In his/her visions such individual was or is visited by Ancient spirits that suggested that he/she should become a Shaman/Healer and they would be his/her Spirit guides. ” the candidate was or is often trying to refuse from proposed mission since Shamanic activity was or is n extremely considered to be a hard one, and full of stigma and discrimination. In this case Spirits threatened that they would Kill the individual, and his/her illness was or is aggravating. If the individual selected by Spirits accepted the Offer/ Calling of becoming a Shaman, he/she was cured but he/she preserved his/her skills of Shamanic trance and Healing..

Following this the Neophyte Shaman would or started mastering his/her “Professional” Skills under supervision of the Ally Spirit and a more experienced Shaman -Guru who would take or took him/her for an apprentice….. This is the Beginning of Re-incarnation..



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