Rules For Ifa Divination


Orthodox perspectives of ancient African spirituality say that in order for people to communicate with the Orisa Baba Orunmila, one must be initiated to Ifa. Traditionally speaking this is very important in order to gain the ability to perform divination or readings for others. For many people, the spiritual readings consist of little more than fortune telling. People will try to get a reading to determine who they should marry or where they should live or what kind of car they should buy. Marry the person who best reflects your goals in life. Live where you can afford and is most convenient to your lifestyle. Buy a car you can afford. No one needs divination for such rudimentary questions. And Orunmila, assistant to the Supreme Being Olodumare, doesn’t have time to spoon feed people answers for things that really don’t matter.

The objective of any true reading from Orunmila is…

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