Orisa Pots


Osun Pot

Orisas are spiritual forces of nature. Orisas are not our personal possessions. Orisas are to be shared with each and every person who seeks them out. Too often the people who have been fortunate enough to have the funds to receive their Orisa pots keep them hidden away in a locked or private shrine room that’s off limits to anyone else. There is a philosophy that goes like, “I got mine…you need to pay your own money and get your own.” This selfish, narcissistic thought process is epidemic in the Orisa communities in the western cultures. Individualism and separatism is not an inherently Orisa concept. Exclusivity is a principle developed and nurtured through human ego and the short sighted need to establish dominance over others.

An Orisa pot is not a vessel that holds some supernatural entity. Orisas don’t live in these pots. Remember, Orisas are forces of nature. Nature…

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