Afrikan Water Spirits…

“Our Freedom was achieved at great cost to masses of our country men and women. Many families lost their loved ones during skirmishes with the apartheid regime. Hundreds of activists were thrown behind bars for fighting for their rights. Innocent Africans disappeared without traces. Anyone who took a stand against the tyrant government was hanged for merely challenging the system.

There are countless children who don’t know what really happened to their parents. In our midst there are women who don’t know graves of their husbands.

We raised children who joined the struggle and gave up their own lives for us to be free. As a nation we need to reflect and think about all selfless souls who gave their lives to liberate me and you!”

Today, as Traditional Health Practitioners we no longer practicing our Gods given gifts and talent underground, we now free to heal and throw our bones in a conducive atmosphere. In essence all our ancestors who die under apartheid are now FREE. Their spirits are at peace! Twenty years down the line we have achieved so much as a country. Today, as Tradition Health Practitioners we are liberated and can fly our ancestors flags without being called names. Gonondo Mbele- Khama



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