Metu Neter – Three Kinds of People

The Seven Minds

Layers of Man 3The Sahu Man / Woman:”…people who are controlled by their emotional and sensuous being (10th sphere); and who only ‘know’ what they are taught by others (7-9), and whose mental perception is limited to the external and concrete side of things. Because of this their lives are full of contradictions.. they are devoid of understanding.” (Ra Un Nefer Amen, Metu Neter, Volume 1, p. 105)

NH Comment: Adorned with sanctioned vocabularies, privileged methods and brutal forms of assessment, western education is structured to create Sahu girls and boys, and women and men. This leads to the properly educated western man who knows everything and understands nothing. For she is the product of technique, bottom line thinking and expressions of reality that can be quantified. Contradictions are

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