The Soul That Existed in Ancient Afrikan, Time

I am the soul that existed before to be reborn again in this life time:

“Above all else my healing path was design before I was even born. As knee high lass of three my world was already like a make believe movie. During the most important years for any child my tot years was thrown asunder, you could say I was thrust into an adult role, before even being ripe. It sounds farfetched yet it’s the truth, there’s no iota of misrepresenting of facts. My life is the gift from the past, thus it continue the legacy of Gods and Goddesses of Africa.

Given the fact that I was rejected by both my parents, I had no option but, to gaze at the galaxy to find the meaning of life. At a point when I was put up for adoption with my brother. Life became extremely tough. I needed an ally because my guardians although I thank them for raising me up, literally gave me hell of a time.

There was only one source of salvation where I could find solace, and Almighty Creations were all ears. As such all my questions were answered by the magic world of ecological unit. The fact that I was communicating with natural environment made me to attract the snare of both my peers and adults. The plenty snide remarks, I was called all sorts of unsavoury names. From an evil one to a witch, then, everything in my mind was clouded like the atmosphere I was talking to.

My eccentricity compromised me a great deal; I ended up enduring untold abuse at the hands of people who took advantage of my situation. The natural world then became my immediate family. Unfortunately there was little I could do, to change the status quo, my solution lied in having to take care of myself at an earlier age,” remarked Gonondo

“In later years the language of all of natures’ beautiful creations such as plants, streams, clouds and skies including animals gave me an insight that baffles my family and friends. At school they thought I was this weird lonely child who could tell what was going to happen, said Gonondo..
Gonondo had visitation of visions giving warning or forecasting the future, this also irked her minder who felt uncomfortable by her intuitive talent. There were of course innumerable moments when there were voices whispering to Gonondo informing her about people’s state of being. As if that was not enough the road she traversed had various road signs. The more she travelled the road, the more information flowed from all coordinates as if sprouting from the mirage.

These experiences of being on the road leading to a unknown yet known destination made her feel as though she had travelled on the route she never ventured into before. Today the skills she honed as a child of interacting with Mother Nature place her in the league of her own. This is why she one of the most sought after professional.

Through bones she is able to tell a client about the genealogy of the family, and also zoom in the future of those consulting with her. Obviously bones could also trace the root cause of whatever hinders someone’s progress in life. It has been a long journey though from the days of gazing at the stars and developing an intimate relationship with plants only to use them to heal an array of ailments.
“To day by the grace of God of Africa and my ancestors I have the whole universe in my hand; I diagnose using my hands to connect with the energy of my clients. I use my music and words a gift inherited from my ancestors and pass from one generation to the next to soothe broken souls.

Children and the marginalised are very close and dear to my heart. To reach out to them I have opened my house to accommodate those dejected by their next of kin. I try to give them unconditional love for spiritual redemption, by administering African Indigenous Spirituality Therapy”

If earth, plants, streams, animals and the galaxy where given to humanity, my role in this life is to use my god given talents to get an approach to resolving the puzzle of pain, deficiency, despair, diseases and difficult circumstances for nation and world. Quipped Gonondo”
Narrated by, Zanele Mashinini and Gugulethu Mbele-Khama..

Gonondo Sheila Mbele-Khama +27837440965


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